Silver Seahorse Coin.


Surrender to the Flow

Did you know that seahorses suck at swimming? All they have to propel them around is one tiny fin on each side of their body. Beacuse of this they are very adept at going with the flow. Often using their tail to latch onto floating vegitation and riding the current to new locations.

Metal: Silver coins and tags are .999 fine silver. The coins all weigh in at aprox 0.5 ounces while the tags are aprox 0.4 oz.

Each coin and tag is minted by hand on an antique screw press. Made with dies that have been both laser and hand engraved by myself. Coins and Tags will vary in size a little due to the nature of each coin being minted manually and the varying hardness of each metal. Coins are aprox .5"-.75" x 1.0"-1.25"

*Seahorse coins and tags are NOT SERIALIZED (there are no numbers or side stamps)

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